The seven Mark Manning mysteries of
author Michael Craft.

Michael Craft’s series of seven Mark Manning murder
mysteries, beginning with Flight Dreams in 1997 and ending
with Bitch Slap in 2004, garnered legions of loyal readers, with
three of its installments honored as finalists for Lambda
Literary Awards.

The series protagonist, Mark Manning, is an investigative
reporter for a large Chicago newspaper, who later moves to a
small town in Wisconsin to take over as publisher of the local
daily. Mark and his lover, Neil, end up “inheriting” a son,
Mark’s teenage nephew, Thad Quatrain. While each of the
books focuses on a self-contained whodunit, the series as a
whole has an overarching plot that explores Mark’s growth as
a gay man and, ultimately, a surrogate father.

The series was originally published in hardcover and
paperback, and it has since been reissued in digital editions.