You can order copies of any of Michael Craft’s novels from Q Trading Company in Palm Springs, California, and he’ll be happy to sign and inscribe them for you. The procedure is decidedly low-tech, as this site is not equipped to securely handle credit-card orders electronically. Simply open the order form by clicking below, print the form on your printer, fill it out (by hand), and mail it (by post) with your check or credit-card information. If paying by credit card, you can fax your order to Q Trading Company at 760-327-1617. If you’d rather not deal with the form at all, just phone 800-756-2290, and Q Trading will talk you through the order.

Please note: There is no surcharge for signed copies of Michael Craft’s novels. At the same time, no discounting is offered; each is sold at the publisher’s suggested list price.

Plan ahead: A novel signed and inscribed by its author makes the perfect, thoughtful, personalized gift. So order now. It’s never too early to stock up for birthdays or the holidays!

Click here to open the order form.